Switchmaster 10,000 SJCM22

Tractive Effort Rating: 40,000 lbs
Engine: Diesel, Gas or L.P.G
Transmission & Drop case: Full hydraulic
powershift with 4 speeds forward and reverse.
First Gear:
Rail: 0-2 mph
Road: 0-3 mph
Second Gear:
Rail: 0-4 mph
Road: 0-6 mph
Third Gear:
Rail: 0-7.5 mph
Road: 0-11 mph
Fourth Gear:
Rail: 0-13 mph
Road: 0-20 mph
Rail Suspension System: Positive pivoting to
allow all rail wheels to follow uneven rail. Full four
wheel drive traction at all times.
Brakes: 12 caliper, fade resistant, wet disc
brakes – power actuated through dual piston
master cylinder with accumulator safety.
Completely sealed from contaminants.
Rail: 26″ diameter heat treated steel.
Road: high traction mine service 14 ply
10.00xlS tires on heavy duty retractable
Rail – Through power shift transmission and
internal planetary type no spin differential drive
Road – Positive drive through pre-stressed, pre-lubricated
industrial chain to front roadwheels.
Braking accomplished by sealed brakes in rail
Full 2″ thick main frame and members featuring
patented rail axle pivot which allows all railwheels
to maintain full traction on uneven track.
General Specifications:
Wheelbase – 68″
Width -109″
Length – 170″
Height – 128″
Weight – 28,000 lbs.
Two full automatic controlled rolling couplers, heavy duty
cast steel weight transfer type remotely controlled from cab.
Operator Cab: 360 degree visibility. 24″ front entry/exit
walkway door. 32″ wide fast-exit side door with roll-up safety
glass window. Fully enclosed box framed integral tube
structure on vibration absorbing mountings.
Sanders: Air sanders at all wheels, externally mounted for
easy maintenance and positive application of traction
Lights: Two sealed beam headlights-front and rear, rear
brake indicator lights, cab courtesy light, instrument panel
lights, roof mounted flashing warning light.
Full hydraulic power steering with accumulator safety
through industrial type linkage and spindles.
Warning Signals : Air blast horn
Factory Installed Options: Air conditioning, automatic
extended coupler, automatic engine shutdown, engine block
heater, high capacity alternator, railcar air brake system with
12CFM or 24CFM compressor, LP. Gas converter, reverse
alarm, rotating or strobe warning light, electric bell, protect-o
seal fuel cap, fire extinguisher, roof mounted spotlight, turn
signals, cab heater, defroster fan, V snow plow, sound
conditioning, foam filled tires.
Note: Dimensions and weight do not include any optional
equipment. Specifications are subject to change without

Chassis Specifications

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