Omaha Track Equipment custom builds, fabricates and maintains all types of Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment, specializing in hi-rail trucks, cranes and other products related to the railroad industry, for railroads and contractors across North America.  Our “state of the art” shop located in Omaha, Nebraska was built in October 2009.  We bring “hands-on” expertise of fabricating and using MOW equipment in actual railroad working conditions to the field of railroad equipment.  In addition to our services for the railroad industry, Omaha Track Equipment is also able to service all types of trucks and equipment, including lawn service equipment, construction, agriculture, and tractor trailers from all industries.

Our shop services include:

  • FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) Inspections
    • Inspect the rail gear according to Manufacturers requirements
    • Pull the guide wheels off and inspect bearing and the guide wheel, replace seals and bearing as needed
    • Check for flange wear
    • Check the alignment of the gear to the unit
    • Check the load on the railgear (heights & loads)
    • Fill out FRA Inspection Form and place sticker on the unit
    • Complete repairs as needed
  • Annual Crane Inspections
    • Inspect the crane, lift, knuckle boom according to Manufacturers requirements
    • Complete repairs as needed
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Oil changes, lubes
    • Rotate tires
    • Hydraulic service
  • Hydraulic Repair
    • Specialize in hydraulic repair for Railroad Maintenance of Way (MOW) Equipment
      • PTOs
      • Pumps
      • Hydraulic Tool Circuits
      • Electrical Problems
      • We are a supplier of Parker Hose and Fittings
      • We build and Service Rail Carts
        • All Types
        • Will build as needed to your specifications
  • Parts inventory to supply all parts required for repairs and maintenance


402-339-4512 ext. 2152 or 402-651-6632 (cell)